Arizona Doctor Discovers The Real Root-Cause
Of Erratic Blood Sugar &
A Simple
At-Home Solution
That Can Help

Did you know that the root-cause of erratic blood sugar…

Is NOT caused by eating carbs or sugar?

But with something going on deep inside the cells of the pancreas?

Hi, my name is Dr. Mark Weis.

And This Is How Healthy Beta Cells Inside A Healthy Pancreas Look:

You can see that the cells are smooth and sleek... They look healthy. They aren’t discolored.

This Is How Unhealthy Beta Cells Inside A Diseased Pancreas Look:

See how the cells are bumpy and irregular in shape?

Notice how their color is abnormal? They look squished together.

They don’t have the nice, smooth look and shape of the healthy beta cells.

It’s possible YOUR BETA CELLS...
Might Look Like This…

If you’ve been feeling chronically tired... no matter how much sleep you get...

If you’ve done everything your doctor recommends...

with testing your blood glucose level several times a day...

Then taking your oral diabetes meds... or giving yourself insulin injections...

And following your low-carb diet, getting enough exercise...

And even if you’ve got a cabinet full of supplements…

Did you know that...

If you’re pre-diabetic or if you have diabetes type 1 or 2 — your beta cells are under CONSTANT ATTACK?

They’re being attacked by free-radicals and deadly toxins in your environment and inside the low-carb foods you eat!

What’s worse is this chronic beta cell damage may have been building up in your body for years...

if not decades.

Listen, closely to what follows, because... You may have the ability to FIX YOUR BETA CELLS!

Stay tuned to find out more...

In fact, millions of people are suffering
from pre-diabetes symptoms
and they
don’t even know it.

The symptoms start with feelings of low energy, a lack of motivation, foggy thinking, difficulty concentrating, numbness and tingling in the hands and feet, and having floaters in the eyes...

Symptoms can show up as slow healing wounds, a ringing in the ears, itchy skin rashes, oral pain or tooth loss, urinary tract or kidney infections, and any type of heart-related problem.

Believe me; if you are experiencing ANY of these symptoms...
then your health may be — at


My name is Dr. Mark Weis.

I’ve been the primary care physician to tens of thousands of patients in my medical career for over the last 25 years.

I know how disheartening it is when nothing seems to work to regain your health.

Why would I say that? Because, I had cancer in 1999 — and I beat it.

Now I’m not here to tell you my cancer story.

Today, I’m here to help you watch out for and properly address the symptoms of...


so you can do all you can to avoid becoming pre-diabetic...

Or... if you already have diabetes... what you may do to prevent experiencing life-threatening complications...

like blindness, kidney failure, a premature heart attack or amputations.

You see, having a hard to control blood sugar doesn’t have to control you or your life...

My patients reported higher sustained energy all day long without problems caused by erratic blood sugar highs and lows.

They took back control of their lives from diabetes.

And now you can too. That’s why I’m here talking to you right now...

I’m going to recommend to you exactly what you may need to help your body’s beta cells more effectively and consistently manage your blood sugar

Serious health consequences can occur...
if you don’t deal with this issue right now.

So as you know, I’m Dr. Mark Weis.

I’ve been the primary care physician to tens of thousands of patients in my medical career for over the last 25 years.

I’ve achieved the featured physician designation as one of the 50 Most Positive Doctors in America (1996) and one of the Positive Doctors in America (1999).

I attended the University of Kansas School of Medicine: Doctor of Medicine from 1987 to 1991.

I received my board certification from the American Board of Ambulatory Medicine in 2002,

And my AMA Physician Recognition Continuing Medical Education Awards: 1992 to 2012.

You see, I’ve collected considerable
experience in a number of
healthcare institutions.

I’ve been the Medical Director at Family Healthcare Health Department in Scottsville, Kentucky.

My medical career has allowed me to be the Primary Care Lead Physician for the RESPECT-Mil Program (U.S. Army), and as a Medical Physician at Henry M. Jackson Foundation for Excellence in Military Medicine.

I loved working with patients at the Consolidated Troop Medical Clinic, Fort Riley, Kansas and later at the Wounded Warrior Clinic, Fort Knox, Kentucky.

My international medical experiences include clinical work as an International Medical Missionary in Mexico and Jamaica.

I’ve been thrilled to be an Assistant Scoutmaster for Boy Scouts of America.

I’ve published in 27 articles and book chapters with several best-selling books including: “My Hormones: A Simple Guide To Better And Longer Living”

In my book I reveal a shocking new truth about why
many of us feel poorly, age quicker
than we should,

And Die Before Our Time

Due To Poor Cellular Nutrition.

In my book, I provide treatment protocols for restoring hormone balance that are simple, safe and effective.

Now let’s talk about what I can do for you.

In the next few minutes, I’m going to share with you the same advice I give my patients that allows them to stay healthy by easily managing their blood sugar level at any age.

I’m going to reveal 3 common low-carb foods most people with diabetes think are healthy and why eating them could make your risk of experiencing diabetic complications much higher...

But before I do that, let me tell you a story about a nice, little old lady who changed everything for me.

I’ll call her “Little Martha”.

It was 2013, and I was working at Censeo Health as a Home Visit Consultant Physician.

“Little Martha” was in her late 50’s. She looked just like any tiny 5-foot tall grandmother would.

As Martha followed me into the exam room, she walked very slowly.

I noticed she looked very tired; like she had aged way beyond the age of 57 that I’d read on her medical chart.

I was amazed at how much insulin she was taking.

Her fasting blood glucose readings were high and had steadily climbed over the past few years.

That’s when

she got fed up

and asked for a referral to me.

As I quietly listened to her story, my heart went out to her as Martha had gotten tears in her eyes...

I knew Martha felt afraid. She knew her blood sugar was out of her control.

I remember her saying she almost never cheated on her low-carb diet.

Then Martha said,
“I want to show you something”.

She opened her big handbag and showed me several different bottles of supplements, vitamins and minerals to help manage her blood sugar.

Martha gave me the literature for the blood glucose stabilizing supplement she had been taking. She asked what I thought of it.

As I read the literature I noticed the supplement aided in reducing the inflammation in pancreatic beta cells and this helped to improve problems with insulin resistance.

Martha said: “Doctor Weis, I’ve been able to cut my insulin down to about half when I take all these supplements.”

“But buying all of these supplements on a fixed income is hard for me to do. Is there is anything better you can recommend that would save me some money?”

I was a bit troubled that she was
taking so many pills.

Martha was throwing a cocktail of blood sugar stabilizing supplements into a mix of insulin injections and two prescription medications for cholesterol and high blood pressure.

I noticed several of the supplements were full of fillers, so had very low potency and weren’t doing much for her at all, except costing her a lot of money.

So I took Martha’s hand and kindly said, “Martha, I know you are doing everything you can with a low-carb diet and you’re walking every day.”

“I’m happy you are open to taking supplements, vitamins and minerals to help keep your blood glucose in check.”

“These supplements may be doing some good but they are filled with fillers and cheaper ingredients than I would recommend.”

“Martha, I have a much easier way to for you to effectively control your blood sugar.

“I’m concerned about you experiencing “pill mixture side-effects” taking this many pills with your prescription medications and insulin.”

“Martha, I know you can feel better at a much lower cost... so here is what I’d like you to do...”

I outlined a few small changes for Martha
including switching her to the “all-in-one” blood glucose formula I liked to use that is custom formulated to improve beta cell function.

It delivers exactly what her ailing pancreas needs to get rid of built-up toxins, aid in rebuilding dysfunctional beta cells and improving insulin sensitivity.

It contains the perfect blend of 10 fruit and flower extracts and 10 essential vitamin and mineral support to properly nourish the beta cells inside her pancreas.

The nutrients would allow the beta cells to repair themselves so they could start producing more insulin, and be more sensitive to insulin changes in the bloodstream like they were meant to be.

On her next appointment with me,
Martha had lost 10 pounds.

After her exam and new blood tests, I smiled at her improved A1C test results.

I complimented Martha on her improvements.

Martha smiled and said, “I’m feeling so much better now thanks to you.”

“My fatigue is gone and I’m getting up feeling much more energetic now.”

“My daughter let the grandkids stay overnight since I’ve been feeling so much better.

“Dr. Weis I can’t thank you enough for giving me my life back”.

Then Martha hugged me! I felt good because there was a new sparkle back in Martha’s eyes.

Martha had been able to keep her blood sugar in the high 90s and sometimes even down to the mid 80s.

The change in her was astonishing and all she did was stop taking a bag of low quality supplements... and simply added this all-in-one blood glucose supplement.

Although individual results will vary, This one thing helped her more effectively manage her blood sugar with less insulin and it saved her some money too.

Martha’s blood pressure had dropped to near normal allowing her to stop taking her high pressure meds too.

Martha had finally found a doctor who listened to what she had to say... and I gave her what she wanted and needed... and I can do the same for you too.

Now I’d like to tell you another story about a new patient of mine: “Big Jim”.

Big Jim is a big, husky guy about 6 feet tall. He works as a heavy-duty diesel truck mechanic and is an avid fisherman.

Jim seemed in good health, but he had problems with numbness in his feet and hands that he never told his doctor about.

I mean, Jim’s a big tough guy and he wasn’t going to complain about a little numbness, right?

And Taking The Supplement,

Jim Was Feeling Better.

Now Jim’s condition has improved dramatically. And it’s all because he knows what to do if his blood sugar is a little high or a little low.

He understood how to properly manage his blood glucose levels by following my simple recommendations. In time I helped him manage his diabetes — without insulin injections too.

Jim has his life back under his control.

It’s All About Beta Cell Destruction

And Insulin Resistance.

It all starts with improper beta cell nutrition – and the
OVERABUNDANCE OF GLUCOSE in the bloodstream.

If your beta cells are malformed... (Like the image you saw in the beginning of this presentation)...

That means your beta cells can’t produce enough insulin to do their job properly — when this happens the glucose levels in the blood can skyrocket without much warning.

If your beta cells are starving... then they can become insulin-resistant.

This lands a double-whammy to your blood sugar levels — and your energy levels plummet.

So it’s no wonder you feel so sick and tired — no matter how much sleep you get!

In fact, the more research I did, the more I realized just how nutrient-deficient the beta cells of my diabetic patients were, especially those over 50.

That’s what drove me to begin trying to find an all-in-one blood sugar stabilizing supplement.

In the beginning, I’ll admit my early patients left with a long list of supplements to take, and soon they were reporting incredible reductions in fasting blood glucose levels...

That’s when I knew I was onto something BIG.

My patients would come in and say things like: ”I’ve got my energy back!”

Or, “I can’t believe how much easier it is to control my blood sugar readings.”

You Get Back The Normal Insulin Regulating Function Your Beta Cells Used To Have.

Most of us are happy to give up donuts if it means we can also give up worrying about amputations or blindness...

And yet, as time goes on you’re likely to find yourself dreaming about eating cake or muffins or French fries you’ve denied yourself.

You may feel depressed about just how much food you love you can no longer eat.

Now I’ll be the first person to tell you that while that approach may work for people with a will of iron, a love of self-denial... most of us don’t feel that way.

Fortunately, people with diabetes don’t have to suffer with a monk-like super slow-carb diet to get their blood sugar back under control.

I’ll show you how to be able to eat some of your favorite foods to keep yourself from feeling deprived — without derailing your diet or ruining your health.

But First, I’d Like To

Clear Up The Misinformation About
Low-Carb “Gluten-Free” Foods

Packed With Hidden Sugar, Harmful Carb Blockers That Are Giving You False Blood Sugar Readings.

1. “Gluten-Free”...

Supermarkets, bakeries and restaurants are now filled with a huge range of gluten-free foods.

These mislabeled as “healthy foods”... are actually as high if not higher in carbohydrates than the foods they are replacing!

Gluten-free carbs will raise your blood sugar just as high as any other carbs and do the same amount of damage to your body’s beta cells.

2. “Carb Blockers”...

Natural carb blockers contain a bean extract that the makers claim can keep carbs from being digested.

If any supplement does block the digestion of starch or sugar, you will notice an increase in intestinal gas as undigested starches are fermented by gut bacteria.

If any “carb blocker” seems to work, be sure to test your blood sugar three to four hours after eating, as the “carb blocker” may only be slowing your digestion.

3. “Sugar Free Foods”...

Most people think that sugar-free foods won’t contain sucrose — or table sugar.

But, these foods are full of carbohydrates. Sugar free brownies, cookies and ice cream are full of chemicals deceptively called “sugar alcohols” (not the alcohol a person drinks).

These “sugar alcohols” are lab-created carbohydrates and may or may not break down into glucose inside your body... if you don’t have the right enzymes in your gut to digest them...

You can experience horrible gas and diarrhea... and if you don’t end up running to the bathroom then — eating them will raise your blood sugar...

These are the three foods you MUST AVOID eating at all costs and these are: “gluten-free” foods, “carb blockers” and “sugar free” foods.

You need the right information with the proper amounts of the most advanced nutrients your beta cells need to properly perform so you can get the blood sugar stabilizing results you desire.

It’s a fact, that many blood sugar supplement makers are ignoring the very breakthroughs in beta cell nutrition and will manufacture inferior formulas — but I won’t short change you.

This is important. If your health care involves taking a “supplement cocktail” — for your health’s sake please listen to the warnings you’ve just heard.

You Have The Ability To
And I’m Here To Show You How.

Continue watching to find how you can get your own supply of this all-in-one Gluco20 Supplement...

I want to be sure that you can follow the simple steps that I recommend.

And when you do you’ll have the power in your own hands to effectively managing your blood sugar and then you’ll be feeling more in control of your life.

I’ve shown you why you need to be careful with avoiding gluten-free, sugar free and carb blockers.

But you also need to know that being under constant stress and worrying about your blood sugar causes your body to release a fight-or-flight hormone — called Cortisol.

Cortisol is what gives your muscles that burst of energy when you are afraid and have a bad scare.

Excess Cortisol RAISES your blood sugar.

It prevents your pancreas from making enough insulin.

But what’s even worse is; high Cortisol levels increase your appetite so you eat more and that means it’s even tougher to stay on a low-carb diet.

So if you don’t do something to fix your blood sugar this is what happens.

Excess Stress And High Cortisol
Makes You Gain More Weight
— Even If You Try To Eat Less.

If you think this excess stress you’ve been experiencing isn’t contributing to your problems with your blood sugar management, I want you to listen to this...

When there’s too much glucose in your blood stream with nowhere to go this over-abundance of glucose eventually winds up not only raising your blood sugar too high — it starts collecting on your organs, nerves, and other tissues, which damages your kidneys, causes heart and blood vessel damage, and disrupts your nervous system, among other things.

If you add high cholesterol levels or high blood pressure into the mix, then you’ve got the “spark” that triggers heart disease and stroke — and can lead to cancer.

In fact, chronically high blood sugar levels can signal your pancreas to continue flooding your body with insulin (because your pancreas is thinking you don’t have an adequate supply).

This causes your over-worked beta cells work even harder — making them less sensitive and resistant to insulin.

Studies have shown that a problem with insulin resistance can trigger an increased excretion of certain nutrients from your body in your urine!

This is a serious issue when your beta cells are already starving for vital nutrients.

Now I Want You To Know
It’s Never Too Late To Undo The Past...

It still amazes me that whenever I see a new patient — no matter their age or health condition

many say “I wish I could erase my health problems and make a fresh start.”

What’s even more remarkable is the thousands of patients who have said similar things to me... then experiences a major turnaround in their health... once they followed my advice.

Those very same patients who came to me feeling their worst have turned their health around...

That’s what Gluco20 was designed to do —and it can do it for you too!

Now You're Probably Wondering

How Did I Understand What Ingredients A Perfect Blood Sugar Stabilizing Supplement Required?

Well... It all goes back to “Little Martha” with her big handbag filled with her supplements, vitamins and minerals?

When I did the research I was amazed to discover the unique ingredients that were really what was making the huge difference in her blood glucose levels.

Martha‘s supplements were incredibly rich in bio-flavanoids, immune boosters, polyphenols and antioxidants.

In fact, these super-potent ingredients are what had worked to cut her insulin needs by 50%.

This lead to me identifying the particular combination of nourishing ingredients which turned out to be an incredibly solution for maintaining near normal blood sugar and hemoglobin A1C levels as well.

Remember Big Jim?

In time, this all-in-one supplement was the “right thing” Big Jim needed to effectively manage his diabetes without resorting to a lifetime of painful insulin injections and expensive doctor’s visits.

Gluco20 works and finds “the hidden weakness of diabetes” and takes full advantage of it.

You can trust that I’ve rigorously researched, tested and combined all 20 super-high potency fruit, flower and bark extracts (in therapeutic amounts) in Gluco20

You’ll be amazed at how potent, effective, and surprisingly cheap this formula is.

Imagine... no more pricking your finger... or lightheaded feeling from low blood sugar ... or stomach pain from too high blood sugar... not anymore!

You can take the right steps to prevent and repair your beta cells right now — and avoid all these complications completely.

In fact, Gluco20 may work no matter how long you’ve had diabetes — even if you’ve had it for decades.

Imagine your life finally free from diabetes.

But there’s a catch. You must know the special nutritional requirements your beta cells need and the right forms to take and the proper potencies.

Get the wrong one or too low of potency or purity and you’re just wasting your money.

Gluco20 Features Highly Bio-Available Ingredients

Derived From Whole Food Extracts And Natural Sources Which Are Bio-Identical To Those The Body Utilizes.

These vitamins and minerals do not contain any synthetic or fractionated vitamins and are not synthesized from a chemistry lab so you can be sure you are receiving a supplement with top potency and purity.

First, there’s 50 mg of Cinnamon Bark Powder as “Cinnamomum Cassia” which studies have shown is a potent blood sugar regulator.

Cinnamon contains an active ingredient called methylhydroxy chalcone polymer or (MHCP) which is a potent antioxidant, and improves insulin sensitivity.

A third-party study team led by Dr. Richard Anderson isolated MHCP and they noted that MHCP does “mimic” insulin and that in most instances MHCP can work alone without the presence of insulin.

Next, there’s vanadium and chromium for additional glucose support.

Vanadium (Vanadyl Sulfate) is a unique trace mineral that promotes insulin sensitivity in beta cells by helping to transport insulin to beta cells.

We have added 200 mcg per capsule of the right kind of vanadium to ensure proper absorption because — it works!

In an independent clinical study, patients who received 100 mcg of Vanadium (Vanadyl Sulfate) for three weeks experienced greater insulin sensitivity and glucose uptake with a 15% decrease in fasting glucose and hemoglobin A1C levels!

Other supplements may give you 10 or 15 mg. but with Gluco20, you’re getting 200 mcg — double the full research dose.

When your cells are resistant to insulin they’re not unlocking to allow glucose to get in.

Adding Chromium increases the number of cell receptors — or entry points for insulin on each of your cells thus reducing insulin resistance.

Chromium allows for better transport of nutrients into beta cells for energy and helps promote healthy blood sugar levels.

In a double-blind clinical trial, participants given 220 mcg of Chromium daily for 90 days experienced a significant reduction in insulin resistance.

Chromium is the nutrient most people who have diabetes are deficient in.

That’s why we added 67 mcg of Chromium in every capsule of Gluco20 to ensure you get the full therapeutic dose you need.

We added Banaba Leaf (1% extract : lagerstroemia Speciosa) to round out the glucose support.

It’s a specialized extract of the banaba leaf that works to activate the glucose transporters on the surface of your cells to let more glucose in and works in perfect harmony with Chromium.

Then there’s Gymnema Sylvestre — it’s vital for slowing the release of blood sugar from your digestive tract to your bloodstream.

Gymnema Sylvestre may assist in keeping blood sugar levels in the normal range and so the supplement contains the maximum dose of 50 mg of Gymnema Sylvestre leaf powder.

Now the best supplement I would ever recommend for promoting nerve health is Alpha Lipoic Acid or (ALA)

And its makes a potent combo with another amino acid called L-Taurine.

Alpha Lipoic Acid is really a vitamin-like “universal” antioxidant, because it is both fat and water-soluble, and this allows ALA to enter all parts of the beta cells to neutralize harmful free radicals.

ALA combined with L-Taurine can increase blood flow to protect your precious neurovascular system, circulation and blood vessel health.

That’s why we’ve included 30 mg of Alpha Lipoic Acid and 25 mg of L-Taurine in a concentrated form to nourish and promote nerve health.

I’ve had incredible success by adding a proprietary blend of Bitter Melon —in a (4 to 1 fruit extract) at 50 mg and Guggul in a (10% extract) with Cayenne Pepper Powder (40M HU/G) — at 10 mg.

This tri-extract blend is especially effective in reducing inflammation inside beta cells.

Next, I’ve discovered three bio-available herbal ingredients that are packed with anti-inflammatory actions and work to dramatically increase the beta cell’s natural antioxidant defenses.

The potent combo of Juniper Berry Powder Extract, White Mulberry Leaf Powder and Yarrow Flowers Powder (at a dose of 25 mg each) may assist with the unique ability of damaged beta cells to self-repair.

This unique 3 part combo stimulates the production of new beta cells and curbs problems with excess glucose residues.

Now I’d like to tell you about
Licorice Root Extract.

It’s an anti-inflammatory herb and increases the action of other herbs and extracts and detoxifier when used in combination with other ingredients.

Licorice Root Extract is an immune stimulating, boosting interferon production, and enhances antibody formation to help inhibit growth of undesirable microorganisms.

You get 50 mg of this potent extract in every dose of Gluco20.

Finally, Gluco20 also contains pancreas-protecting vitamins and minerals to ward off the dangers of prescription diabetes drugs, that flush essential vitamins and minerals out of the body.

Did you know that 70 percent of adults
have low magnesium levels?

In fact, a mere 25 percent of adults in the U.S. even consume the recommended daily allowance of 400 mg daily.

So you can understand why I’m so concerned about you’re having a magnesium deficiency.

So why doesn’t a magnesium deficiency show up on a serum blood test?

It’s because 99.7 percent of total body magnesium is found in your bones, muscles and tissues – while you only measure 0.3 percent in a blood serum test.

That means most blood serum tests have little correlation with your magnesium levels in your pancreas and beta cells. What that means is that it’s pretty hard to truly know if you are deficient in magnesium.

A magnesium deficiency can appear with symptoms of numbness, tingling, muscle contractions and cramps, seizures, personality changes, abnormal heart rhythms and coronary spasms.

Magnesium plays a vital part in more than 300 metabolic processes including:

Insulin action, glucose regulation, energy production and more.

This is a pretty amazing mineral and one you don’t want to be caught short.

Here is what the American Diabetes Association (ADA) released in a 2013 Study: Results show that “higher magnesium intake reduces the risk of impaired glucose and insulin metabolism....” And researchers concluded that” “Magnesium intake may be particularly beneficial in offsetting risk of developing diabetes among those at high risk.”

And that’s why our scientists made sure that each dose of Gluco20 contains a potent dose of 125 mg of Magnesium — as (magnesium oxide) in every capsule.

Zinc deficiency is common in diabetes patients and can cause diminished production of the hormone leptin which prevents people from overeating and gaining weight.

Low Zinc Stores Can Cause Impaired Functioning Of The Thyroid Gland.

You get the purest bio-available form of zinc as (zinc oxide) at 7.5 mg per dose.

We included biotin because one study suggested that biotin in addition to other micronutrients helped treat peripheral neuropathy — the nerve pain in the extremities that can result from kidney failure or diabetes.

Biotin supplementation is 300 mcg per dose is added to ensure you get the proper amount to protect your precious nerves.


— (as amino acid chelate) dose at 1 mg, assists in producing pancreatic enzymes the body needs and to ensure the pancreas is able to function efficiently and improves blood sugar regulation.

Vitamin C

— as (ascorbic acid) is required for good health and aids in blood sugar normalization and is provided at a standardized dose of 50 mg.

Vitamin E

— (d-Alpha tocopheryl succinate) at 15 IU per dose, and it has been shown to reduce the destructive effects of high blood sugars — or “glycosylation” of proteins and lowers insulin resistance.

The full standardized doses of all 20 vital bio-available fruit, flower and bark extracts with essential vitamin and mineral support are critical to the effectiveness of Gluco20.

So Don’t Be Fooled By Formulas That Fall Short Of The Recommended Doses For A Lower Price.

Remember you need to protect yourself when you take ANY prescription medication for diabetes.

Especially if you take a prescription diabetes drug (which steals nutrients from your body’s cells)...

It’s vital you restore these lost nutrients, because studies show that low levels of chromium, manganese, zinc or any of these vital vitamins and minerals often resulted in the development of diabetes.

Remember, if your body runs out of Chromium, or Magnesium you’re asking for diabetes, heart and liver trouble.

That’s Why You Need The Most Potent, Pure And
Active Forms Of All 20 Of These Vital Ingredients

Packed Inside Our Clinically Proven

Gluco20 Supplement.

With it you get complete glucose and critical neuro-vascular support that is proven to work…

and supports healthy nerves, blood vessels, enhances circulation of hands and feet, supports nerve transmission signals and provides superior antioxidant protection.

Once you try it to manage your blood sugar levels, you’ll know the incredible feeling of comfort and protection with your first bottle of Gluco20.

When you opt for buying a condensed formula —— it’s a much smarter decision to make and much easier to take.

The herbs, vitamins and minerals in Gluco20 have been found to be synergistic, meaning they work well together and you may be able to regulate your blood sugar with less insulin.

It’s also possible that in time and with continued use you may even be able to maintain your blood sugar with just Gluco20 and a healthy low-carb diet with proper exercise.

This Potent And Pure Combination Of 20 Powerful Blood Sugar Stabilizing Ingredients Has Already Helped Thousands Of People...

And Now It’s Available To You.

Right now, I’d love to invite you to try Gluco20 for yourself.

Let me tell you how you can get it...

Now if you were to try the “mixing your own supplement cocktail” method... and purchase all the ingredients separately it would cost you up to $300 a month or more...

If you added all the correct ingredients at the proper potencies and purities — if you could even find them...

It Would Cost You A Big Wad Of Money.

The fact is, this is a complex is a hard to get formula with its 20 unique fruit, flower and bark extracts and potent vitamins and mineral complex.

Since you’ve watched this presentation this far, as my personal thank you for doing so, I’d like to offer you a special “new customer discount”.

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Imagine enjoying looking at your blood glucose meter and seeing more normal blood sugar results.

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It Has For Thousands Of My Patients.

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How many bottles should I order?

Majority of our customers take the middle option, but we recommend our “Best-Value” option so you can stay stocked up and save up to 40% per bottle.

“How safe is Gluco20?”

Gluco20 is an all-natural formulation of ingredients that are completely safe to use when taken as directed. There is nothing artificial, synthetic or man-made, so it has no known side-effects. We proudly source the purest ingredients to ensure your complete satisfaction.

“How much will one capsule of Gluco20 help my blood sugar?”

Everyone is different and has different health challenges when it comes to managing their blood sugar levels. You may notice a difference in your ability to effectively manage your blood sugar over time and with continued use. Some people may be able to reduce or even eliminate their prescription blood sugar lowering medication but please follow your Doctor’s recommendations.

“If I take a blood sugar lowering drug will this help me?”

It can, yes. Gluco20 supplement may help your beta cells repair themselves. This should mean they would become better at producing insulin. This, over time, is how you help improve your blood sugar regulation: by having healthier beta cells with increased insulin sensitivity that can more easily regulate your body’s insulin levels in a more natural way.

“What if it doesn’t work for me is there a guarantee?”

Gluco20 is guaranteed for 180 days or your money back. We take your health seriously and we’ve done all we can to ensure your complete satisfaction. In the unlikely event that you don’t experience an improvement in your blood sugar levels after taking it, we do offer a full 180 day money-back guarantee, with no questions asked.

“How should I take this Gluco20 Supplement?”

We recommend you take one each morning. Our capsules are small and easy to swallow.

The directions are printed on the bottle as well.

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